Leaving footprints...

     When you purchase from Ki+three 10% of all profits goes to charitable giving.  We are a small business but we want to be mighty!  We believe in helping others and as a single mother I know how hard it is in life to provide for your children.  I've been blessed with the help of my parents, and I know there are others who aren't so blessed.  So we want to leave some good footprints out there so others can follow along.

    Some of the charitable giving we donate to are local food pantries and homes for kids and families, special olympics, moms against drunk driving, the homeless, various evangelism ministries, Pro-life organizations, and innocence projects, just to name a few.  

     We really appreciate your business!  Not only are you helping support our little family but you are helping others as well!  Every little purchase lets us do our happy dance! :)  Thank you!


**Do you know of a worthy cause/organization? Leave us a comment down below or write us at ki@kiplusthree.com and we'll look into it :)

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