Handmade is too expensive...

     Something I'm sure people think, is that buying from small businesses/handmade items are way overpriced.  I once thought handmade is too expensive as well; that was until I started Ki+three.  When you break down the item and calculate the cost of materials, time it took to make, the fees the seller pays to run their shop and process payments, etc.  Some small businesses like myself (that feel like they're cheating the customer if they charge what people say you should charge for a handmade item) we barely make a profit on our items.  We don't have the luxury of mass producing an item and using underpaid people in sweatshops.  (Even if we did, why would we subject people to that?)

     The first item I sold on Etsy I learned the hard way about making profits.  I thought I had an item that was reasonably priced and I would still make a small profit. I actually didn't make any.  I forgot to account for the all fees that they charge and shipping materials, when I added everything up, that small profit was a small debit.  If you see one of my new items on here that maybe I posted awhile back on social media, it's because I struggle with pricing.  Like I said I don't want to cheat anyone (I  know how hard it is to get your hard earned money) and I still need to make some income.  

So here's what you're paying for:

  • time
  • materials
  • a small fraction of overhead cost

I don't believe you should pay for the mistakes/attempts it took me to achieve the products or the materials used for those mistakes.  That falls on me.  You're simply paying for the time it took me to make it, the materials, and a small fee of what it takes for me to get it to you. That's it!  I love what I'm doing and I really don't like to feel as if I'm robbing people.  I want to offer you the best price I can for the unique item you're getting without making you or me bankrupt.  


Here's how you're helping:

  • 10% of our profits goes to charitable giving- families in need, innocence projects, food banks, etc. (Please see our blog leaving good footprints)
  • You're helping support a small family (single mom to provide for her children's needs)
  • You're helping young boys realize you can go for your dreams. Making dreams come true
  • You're helping support the economy as our products are made in the USA!
  • You're keeping hope alive and much more!


**We usually run sales once a month so be on the lookout for that to help you save some extra money as well!

*If you're not into any of our products but just want to help support us, we'd be thrilled if you could follow us on social media, share a post of ours, like a post, leave a comment or anything like that.  We greatly appreciate the support!


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